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LICENSING: Pets must be completely registered within 30 days of your residency within the city, and then renewed by May 31st of each year.  See Ordinance #713 on animal control regulations. Certain animals are prohibited.

Pets MUST BE on a leash or inside of a fence when outside. Viscious animals will not be tolerated!

NEW FOR 2017:

All cats will have to be registered and evidence of vaccinations provided by May 31st.

Fees for both dogs & cats will increase to $10 for spayed or neutered, $15 for all others.

Chickens will be allowed in the city:   "It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain any chicken coop closer than 25 feet to the nearest portion of any building occupied by or in any way used by human beings, other than the dwelling occupied by the owner or keeper of the poultry/fowl. Poultry/fowl so kept or maintained shall be enclosed on all sides and shall not be allowed to run or fly at large.  In addition, there shall be no more than 6 chickens. Absolutely no roosters allowed.   Agriculturally zoned may apply for a special permit to have up to 20 chickens, still no roosters allowed. For the issuance of poultry/fowl license required by this ordinance, the owner or keeper shall pay to the city such license fee in the amount of $15 annually." 


More Information...

Animal Control Officer-vacant


LVCO Humane Society offers many solutions for Spay & Neutering, Microchipping and Vaccinations:  or contact: 

Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society offers FREE pet spay/neuter at HOPE Inc. to any Leavenworth County resident. Visit or call 913.651.5297


DOG DAY: The city offers Dog Day in May of each year for our citizens to get their pets vaccinated at a reduced cost. This service is provided by local veterinarians and insures that your pets will be up to date on their shots!