Monday, June 24, 2024

Meeting Information

Download the application; /Portals/linwood/documents/planning-zoning/Building Permit Application.doc?ver=2020-04-23-151831-840

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00p.m. in City Hall chambers or at 310 Main Street.  Persons desiring a building permit must submit their application prior to the meeting and then attend this meeting to answer any questions the commission may have. If the commission approves the permit application, it is then forwarded to the City Council, where your presence is once again needed to clarify any matters that may arise.

Applications are required for new buildings and/or additions; carports; fences; pools/spas*; demolition of buildings; and building renovation.

*all pools/spas must be inside of a fence.


Those doing work inside of the city must obtain aContractor's license prior to working. This includes builders, roofers, utility companies, etc.  Click here for a link to the License Application.  The applicable fee of $25.00 must be received with the application to be valid. 


The Planning & Zoning Commission is made up of 4 local residents and 1 rural resident that lives within 3 miles of the city.

Those currently serving are: Alex Warn, Todd Gray, Traci Schelert and Tom Warn