Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Welcome to our City,
established June 21, 1867

 Thank You to all who came to our Festival

Celebrating 150 years of Linwood

Check Out the Photos of the Festival!

  • 6-24-17
  • 306 Main Street
  • 105 E. Third Street

JOIN US! The annual fall hayride and costume contest will be Saturday, October 28th at 7:00p.m. at the City Park. Refreshments!           

We still have a few T-Shirts left!

Pricing:Adult Small, Medium, Large & X-Large are $10;
XXL  $12. 

Visit City Hall to purchase your new shirt!




Animal Control, call David Denham:  913.282.6164

Water Emergencies, Ted Downs:  913.710.1532

November 7th:  GENERAL ELECTION: Offices of Mayor and 3 Council positions are open. Those elected will take office January 8, 2018. To date, only one person has filed for re-election. All others will have to be write-in votes; be it council or mayor. In order to hold a city office, you must be a resident of the city and be a registered voter in the city. Write-in ballots will have to have the correct spelling of the legal name of the person being written in. Nicknames and misspellings will be thrown out. If you are interested in being a write-in, contact City Hall and we will give you some pointers and add you to this list:
Current Councilmember James “Mike” Blancarte would like to be a write-in.
2017 Consumer Confidence Report

No Tyson in Tongie Support
Tree Debris?  For those who do not have access to a pick up or a way to haul tree debris, the City maintenance department will pick up your limbs if they are cut to 36 inch lengths and tied into bundles. Place them at the street in a single pile for access.
Pet Registration Fees are $10 for spayed or neutered pets and $15 for all others.  To view the Animal Control ordinance click HERE.