Tuesday, July 23, 2019

List of Businesses

All businesses are required to be licensed and pay the annual fee prior to opening for service.

Licenses are good from January 1st to December 31st of each year.

The following businesses are licensed in the City of Linwood for 2019:

G&S Convenience Store (aka Stout's), 115 E. First Street, 913.301.3650

The Hang Out (tavern), 323 Main Street, 913.723.3959

Dan's Shop & Sales, 400 Park Street, 913.221.1574   pallets

Art By Design, 213 Main St.

Old World Cabinets, 322 Main Street, 913.723.3740   custom cabinets

Redline Tow, LLC, 19663 Linwood Road, 913.669.9930    all towing needs

Turf Diagnostic & Design, 613 E. First Street, professional services

Carl's Auto Repair

Schneck Enterprises, Inc., DBA Senior Stan's Salsa

Somer's Arboriculture Specialties, Linwood, tree services

To Escape, 613 B. East 1st St

Cremation Marbles, 311 Bowen St.

Timber Wood Cabinets, 401 Main St.